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AnooX SAVE BIG special: only a FOOL would want to pay more for same thing, and you are no FOOL

AnooX Advertising special offer to give your site Traffic and Sales a STRONG BOOST

Dear AnooX Community Member,

Do you want to give your site Traffic and Sales a STRONG BOOST and at very LOW cost of Advertising?

If yes, then AnooX has a special Advertising offer for you to do just that.

That is for a limited time we are offering you our unique Unlimited Click Advertising option, where
you pay a Flat Monthly Fee for unlimited clicks on your Ads, at a 20% discount. Also you can have
an additional 20% to 50% off when you buy 5 or more Ads today to open your Unlimited Click
Advertising account.

For example were you to get 500 Clicks on a typical Ad from Google, Yahoo, facebook, etc.,
such number of clicks would easily cost you $500 per month. But same number of clicks via AnooX
Unlimited Click Advertising option will cost you about $50 per month, because we are run on a
Not-for-profit basis. Thus you will be saving 70% to 90% in cost of Advertising by taking advantage of our Unlimited Click Advertising option.

So only a FOOL would want to pay more for the same thing, and you are no FOOL.

Go ahead then, buy Unlimited Click Advertising on AnooX and SAVE BIG. Please go here to order:

For more info on our unique Unlimited Click Advertising offer, please go here:

To get the 20% discount please enter customer code: GO-2012-strong

SUPPORT good causes
Also please keep in mind that as a Not-for-profit business we give most of what profits we make for
good causes. And for this special Advertising promo, we are donating 50% of what profits we make to
World Wildlife Fund (www.worldwildlife.org) - although you can suggest another organization if
you prefer during the 3rd step of Advertising sign-up.

Best Regards,
from staff of AnooX

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model by a full time and volunteer staff from around the World dedicated to delivering the lowest
cost in Advertising and the most accurate information because they are powered by the People.
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