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AnooX Advertising Special to give your site more steady Traffic - with one month FREE

AnooX Advertising Special to give your site more traffic for lowest cost of Advertising


Dear AnooX member,

AnooX, the not for profit Social networking based Search engine & News, has a very special
offer to increase your site traffic & sales for the lowest cost of Advertising. If increasing
your site traffic and saving BIG on Advertising costs is important to you, then read on.

For a limited time we are offering you 5 Keyword Ads with Unlimited Click on these Ads for
ONLY $49.95 per Month! How good a deal is this? Well, the same number of Ads would easily, and this
mean easily, cost you $500 and more per month on Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.

How can we deliver to you such low cost of Advertising? Because we are a not for profit Social
network & Search engine with the mandate of delivering to small businesses the lowest cost in
Advertising free of any profit or share price motivations.

So if you want to increase your Sales & Traffic for the lowest cost of Advertising, then you want
to take advantage of this Advertising special.

To take advantage of this Special Offer, please go here:

And here is another reason to take advantage of this Special today: open your Unlimited Click
Advertising account via this Special Offer today and get the 3rd month for FREE.

For more info on our unique Flat Monthly Fee (aka Unlimited Click) Advertising, please go here:

NOTE: you do not need to upload all 5 Ads at the time of opening your account under this special
offer, you can upload 1 or 2 Ads to start with and upload the rest later at your convenience.

For more info on all AnooX Advertising options please go here:

Best Regards,
From Staff of AnooX

AnooX is a Not-for-Profit Search engine, Social Network and News source, operated by a full time
and volunteer staff from around the World dedicated to delivering the most accurate information
because they are powered by YOU and the lowest cost in Keyword based Advertising.
If you would like to end your AnooX free services, and receive no further news letter go here:
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