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[Free Auto Submit Ads] Free Ads: Wholesales! iphone 5 /samsung galaxy s4/ bb z10 bbQ10

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Ads Title *:Wholesales! iphone 5 /samsung galaxy s4/ bb z10 bbQ10
Category*:Business Online
Contents*:Wholesales! iphone 5 /samsung galaxy s4/ bb z10 bbQ10

We are the highest of electronics abroad largest GSM distibutors for the iPhone.
Why buy from us?
* Your privacy is assured
* Our prices are cheap and affordable
* Secure transactions guaranteed
* We ship Monday through Saturday.
* Free shipping on qualified orders
* We offer reasonable discounts on bulk purchases
* We ship the same day after confirmation of payment.
* We offer a return policy of 30 days and 100% money back guarantee.

TRANSPORTATION / DHL / FEDEX / USPS Express within 48 hours with telephone confirmation of certain specific terms of the Maritime Company:

For more information or call to order through email:
- = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - =

Buy 3 get 1 free
Buy 5 Units and get 2 free

Apple iPhone Price Lists:
Apple iPhone 5 64GB.....$600usd
Apple iPhone 5 32GB.....$550usd
Apple iPhone 5 16GB.....$500usd

Apple iPhone 4S 64GB ... $450usd
Apple iPhone 4S 32GB ... $400usd
Apple iPhone 4S 16GB ... $380usd

SKYPE::: tottico5
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